Random topics:

How to read your water meter
A howto, for water conservers everywhere, or for anyone who is curious about how much water they're using.
Shampoo pH
Low? High? Who knows?
Adventures in speed tourism
Manhattan in nine hours.
More speed tourism
Nine hours of geology on the Big Island of Hawaii.
What dog breed is your mutt?
A dog phenotype (appearance) questionnaire to figure out your dog's breed mix.
What breed does your cat look like?
A cat phenotype (appearance) and quality questionnaire to figure out what cat breed your cat looks like.
Pick a college
Another questionnaire, for picking potential colleges in the United States.
Words I've Written
Examples of my writing style and abilities.
Advent Calendar Filler Ideas for Teen Girls
Tis the season!
Crafting Hour: Alter a Man's T-Shirt to Fit a Woman
I love to do things the hard way.
Crafting Hour: Make a Quilt
Not finished yet, but it has been fun so far.
Reduce Junk Mail in your Mailbox and your Email Inbox
The "reduce" in reduce, reuse, recycle.
Donate to Acovant!
Help me realize my dream of quitting my day job so I can research and write questionnaires all day.