Small Gift Ideas for a Teen Girl's Advent Calendar -- AKA Stocking Stuffers

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You wouldn't think that finding 24 tiny little gifts for a teenaged girl would be hard, would you? Well, maybe you would, since you're here at this web page. I know it's hard! I think I should start on December 26th every year, instead of waiting until October, when the panic sets in.

Three main issues, starting with size. My Advent calendars were purchased (during an after-Christmas sale, mind you -- dang, those things are expensive) from Garnet Hill. One is a garland of knitted mittens and one is a garland of knitted stockings. They vary in size, but they aren't big, and the mittens/stockings only stretch so far! Basically a Chapstick fits perfectly, but 24 Chapsticks will not work for my little darlings.

Which brings me to the next issue: variety. I don't want to do too many of the same thing (one year, I gave my older daughter way too many lipsticks and she doesn't even wear lipstick. She was nice about it, though). 24 different tiny little gifts? Harder than it sounds.

Especially if you're cheap. Not breaking the bank on this project is difficult. One negative about writing this page is that I'm probably going to realize just how much I spend on these things every year. I'm not crazy about spending the money, but I'll have to say that the calendar is truly enjoyed -- it is just a fun way to add to the holiday spirit. I wish I had started doing it when my kids were much younger.

A side note about the calendar itself. As I mentioned, mine are a knitted garland from Garnet Hill. It does give you a little more flexibility for gift size/shape than say, a wooden box styled calendar, but it gets super-heavy. I drape mine over my kids' dressers, because I'd need serious nails in the wall to hold it up. If I had to do it again, I might buy or make the wall hanging style.

On the other hand, before I had these, I was a little more creative. One year, I used a 24-Cup Mini Muffin Pan just like this with taped-down holiday themed paper covers over each hole in the tin. Cute, cheap, and put away easy after Christmas! You'd need very small gifts, though -- those were the years when my daughter liked to make bead earrings. I put the instructions, the findings, and the beads into each little hole for her to make holiday earrings. They also have a red silicone 24-cup muffin tin, but I couldn't find a green one . . . yet.

Don't forget to check out easier and possibly cheaper options if your kids are younger or just into it; the pre-made Lego and Playmobil calendars are fun, easy, and (relatively) cheap:

Here's a list of links to (mostly Amazon-provided) possibilities. Don't forget to wander through Target or other "real" stores. The toy area in Target has tons of little items that would fit. And check-out counters at stores are lined with small items to tempt the impulse buyer. And without further ado, here is my list of Advent calendar filler items for teenaged girls:

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